Beads of Courage Bowls

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These bowls did finally make it to Franklin but it was an improvised route.  Adron Joyner had volunteered to transport them long before he became ill early in the week and was forced to cancel his plans for the symposium.  He brought them to my house a few days before both Glenda and I became ill and had to cancel our symposium plans as well.  I managed to get in touch with Ross Lipscomb minutes before he and his wife left Jackson.  He readily agreed to come out of his way to pick them up at our house.  Thanks Ross!  

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Instant Gallery

(There is missing and incomplete information on some of the pieces here.  If you can help by supplying additional or corrected information, please let me know.  Chuck)

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Demonstration by Kirk Smith



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by Ronnie Goff

Meeting began at 9:30 with Jerry Dawson presiding.

Feb. 10 meeting will welcome Dr. Lisa Smith (Art professor at JSCC).

She will discuss some important topics that relates in designing.
  Below is from Lisa…..I had to remind her again.
  We’ll have to meet in the classroom building: long sidewalk entrance facing gym
  go to first intersection and go upstairs.  Not sure if the basement door will be open
  for those who can’t climb a few steps…..if we have anyone who can’t I can have security open the bottom door.
Lisa is wanting to use examples of turned items on gallery as everyone will relate to this better.

I am so sorry of course I will be there in room C-228. If they could already have their
work displayed on the tables then I will use them as examples of principles and elements
of art. No charge for you my dear friend. It is free. Lisa


Mar. 10 demo will be presented by Chuck Jones.

Apr. 14 everyone is asked to bring a helpful hint.
              For example, what have you found that makes certain jobs easier?
              Please have these tips written out (and drawn if needed). 
              Submit as many as you wish, you won’t have to talk about every one of them (if you don’t want to).
              In the next year or so depending on the helpful tips we would like to have a small booklet with all the gathered tips to hand out.

Meeting over.

Kirk Smith demoed the Cosmic Cloud technique.

Kirk used the Iridescent set of 6 (20 ml tubes, one each of Iridescent red, gold, violet, turquoise, blue & green.

The set through Dick Blick is on sale for $13.49.  Of course you can find other sources.

A small airbrush tool was used to manipulate the paints on the dark surface causing the cosmic cloud appearance.




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Photography by Jerry Dawson