Hands-On Class with Frank Bowers

November 10, 2017

Frank Bowers conducted a hands-on class that was attended by Trevor Driver, Ross Lipscomb, Jerry Dawson, Adron Joyner, Bill Wyche, and Chuck Jones.  It was a fun filled day with numerous ideas and tricks of the trade disclosed and discussed.  Along with being an outstanding woodturner Frank is an easy going, friendly, and entertaining teacher.  During the class everyone completed a reasonable facsimile of a two part hollow form.  The wood used was red maple with lots of ambrosia beetle markings.  Frank brought the wood from the Atlanta area.  It was quite wet and the pieces will have to be dried, sanded, and finished. Watch closely to see how many of the participants actually get around to finishing their piece and how long it takes them to do so.  At least a couple super achievers remembered to bring the rough turned pieces to the November club meeting (see below).

Adron Joyner brought along a fine pot of chili that he claims he made.  Everyone is left to decide for themselves if they believe that story or if there is room for suspicion that he may have had some help or guidance from Bonnie.  Either way it was good chow and lots of it was consumed.  Glenda Jones provided a cold cut platter which was also heavily damaged during the noon break.

Our resident photographer was otherwise occupied during the day, so the photos are somewhat limited.  But here are a few.


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Club Meeting - November 11, 2017


The program for the November meeting included a demonstration by Frank Bowers from Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Frank covered all the steps of making a bowl from a log.  With a slight flair of mystery he unwrapped what looked like a whole chunk of a log.  Some folks looked around to see if he had brought a chainsaw, and wondered how the smoke and noise would go over with our hosts.  But as he unwrapped the bundle it became apparent he had previously sectioned the log into workable pieces that were ready to mount on a lathe.  He explained that process as he unfolded the log.  He then proceeded to turn a completely finished bowl explaining each step and giving pointers as he went along.

With the remaining time Frank showed his Beall buffing system with an extender and 4" wheels.  This extended adapter and smaller wheels makes it much easier to buff the bottom of deeper bowls.  He mounted a bowl made previously from a piece of poplar.  That bowl was completely dry, with no finish at all.  He then buffed that bowl by going through the three step process (Tripoli, White Diamond, and Carnauba Wax) without any oil, varnish, or anything else being added.  The final result was quite good.  It would be entirely acceptable for a utility bowl.

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