Club Meeting August 12, 2017

(Minutes by Chuck Jones Substituting for Secretary Ronnie Goff)

Jerry Dawson opened our first meeting in the McWherter Center at Jackson State Community College, Room 138-B.  As to be expected there was a little shuffling around and adjusting necessary.  The biggest adjustment was due to the disappearence of our wide screen TV monitor, cart, and coffee pot. (see footnote)

There were twenty members and one visitor present.

Jerry noted that the board of directors had met after the July club meeting and selected the following officers:

  • Jerry Dawson, President
  • Kirk Smith, Vice President
  • Paul Reed, Treasurer
  • Ronnie Goff, Secretary
  • Jack Couch, Librarian
  • Chuck Jones, Communications
  • Billy Joe Hill, Board Member at Large
  • Robert Reeves, Board Member at Large

Jerry also mentioned that the club officers and board members are listed and can be contacted via the club website.

It was also agreed by the board that some of the ongoing responsibilities could best be handled by standing committees rather than overloading one or two individuals.  Two committees were discussed and agreed to, Special Events (for such as the Autumn Festival and Christmas) and Demonstrator Recruiting.  The objective is to appoint someone to chair each of the committees and let that person recruit helpers.  Ronnie Goff has agreed to chair the Special Events committee.  We are anxiously awaiting applicants for the chairmanship of the Demonstrator Recruiting Committee.

Attention was called to the American Association of Woodturners' free 60 day trial membership.  More details HERE. 

The election of board members for the AAW is underway and ends October 20.

Adron Joyner is in charge of the program for the September meeting.  His focus will be a "Viking Sunset" embellished platter inspired by the work of Nick Agar.  (Check out Adron's entry in the Instant Gallery below).

The Jackson International Food and Arts Festival is scheduled for September 30.  All pieces being donated for the LeBonheur fund raiser must be turned in by our next meeting September 9.

Our Annual Autumn Festival is scheduled for October 14.

Plans are underway to have Frank Bowers as the featured demonstrator at our November meeting.  We are also working on plans for a full day class on the Friday before the meeting.  There are still a few openings for that class.  Please contact Jerry, Bill Wyche, or Chuck Jones for details or if you would like to attend.  Frank is a well known and highly regarded woodturner.  He is known to be an excellent teacher and a very humorous presenter.  Search for "Frank Bowers Woodturner" for lots of video, blogs, and other comments about Frank.

A list is available for club members to sign up to do demonstrations at meetings next year.

The dues are due.  Some members are behind on dues payments.  Please see Paul Reed to discuss forgiveness.

Footnote:  Monday morning after the meeting on Saturday I was able to contact Margery Ratalowski at JSCC who immediately confessed to stealing the missing items.  She said if I would not report her to the law she would...  no, no, I'm just joshing.  There was another activity scheduled for room 138-B and as an extra bit of caution Margery asked someone to move those items into a locked closet in the room.  She forgot to have them taken out before our meeting.  She was very apologetic and promised she would have it on the calendar to always return any locked items to the room before our regular meetings.  Good bunch of folks here.  

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Instant Gallery

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Demonstration by Chuck Jones

I had prepared a visual presentation on the Beads of Courage program including all the recommended specifications for BOC boxes and photographs of a selection of boxes that have been donated by other clubs and individuals.  The missing TV monitor put a dent in that plan so we just talked about the subject and showed the one pitiful box that I had made recently.  The visuals that I had prepared can now be seen HERE.  Also, the specifics of the program are well documented on the Beads of Courage web site.  Please refer to that site if you have questions, or call me.

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Even without the monitor incident I knew it was unlikely we would use up the allotted time with the BOC discussion.  Since I have recently been searching for variations on the basic spinning top and making a few, I brought several tops to show and discuss in hopes it might generate some ideas for the LeBonheur fund raising effort.

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Miscellaneous Photos

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