Regular Meeting July 8, 2017

Demonstration by Jerry Dawson

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Minutes of July Meeting(s)

by Ronnie Goff, Secretary

WTN Woodturner’s Regular Club Meeting Minutes
July 8, 2017

Jerry Dawson presided over the meeting at 9:30am.


Jul:  Jerry Dawson wowed the group with how he turns an oval goblet!  I know what several of you did when you got home!  Bring your turned goblets to the next meeting to show!

Aug: Bead of Courage, Chuck Jones will provide info about this worthwhile project our club may be interested in.

Sept: Adron Joyner will be leading the demo.

Sept. 30 will be The International Food/Arts Festival
To make this event successful, it would be nice for every member of the club to donate a piece or two of their handiwork.  What is not bought at the Festival, LeBonhuer will take to sell at another event.

Last year this event was fantastic and the club brought in several thousand dollars to present to LeBonhuer.  Of those items donated, PLEASE put a selling price on them so no one under prices them.  For those in charge of collecting/tagging/pricing these items it sure helps!!  Last year we had at least 3 items sold before the event opened just by posting the pieces on Facebook!

Oct: October Fall Outdoor Meeting

Nov: Frank Bowers  (info will be forthcoming from Chuck/Bill)

Dec: A Woodturner’s Christmas!

Regular club meeting adjourned.

Demo took place with Jerry Dawson.

After the meeting the board members met to select officers.

Your new line up is………drum roll!!!!

President:  Jerry Dawson

Vice President: Kirk Smith

Treasurer:  Paul Reed

Secretary: Ronnie Goff

Other Board Members
Chuck Jones - Web Site, Communications

Jack Couch - Library

Robert Reeves

Billy Joe Hill - Snacks for Meetings

There was a discussion about assigning some of the duties that have been handled by the officers (mostly by the president) to committees.  The following committees were suggested:

Special Events Committee - To coordinate such things as the annual fall meeting, Christmas luncheon, etc. etc.  

Demonstration/Program Committee - To obtain demonstrators/teachers/instructors for meetings and hands-on classes.

Several names were suggested for committee members and chairpersons, but no deals have been made yet so anyone interested in helping in this manner is invited to step forward.

Board meeting adjourned.

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