June 9, 2017 the club met at Jackson State Community College in their normal location. 
There were 16 people in attendance, with Mitch Maddox joining.  Welcome Mitch!

The club president, Bill Wyche presided. 
Bill has been president for two years and is stepping down to allow another member to take part in leading the club

The past two years:

President:  Bill Wyche

Vice president:  Jerry Dawson

Treasurer:  Paul Reed

Secretary:  Ronnie Goff

Jack Couch librarian.

Billy Joe Hill is going to pick up the doughnuts for now.

Chuck Jones will be working with Ronnie for support. 

Robert Reeves is in training to someday take on a leadership role.

New Incoming Board:


Vice president:  



Jack Couch (librarian)?

Billy Joe Hill

Chuck Jones

Robert Reeves

Kirk Smith

Ronnie Goff

Jerry Dawson

Paul Reed

The new board members will meet at a later date to select the club officers (President, VP, etc.)

July’s Demo will be led by Jerry Dawson.

September’s Demo will be led by Adron Joyner

            Remember: International Art/Food Festival is Sept. 30

October Fest will be mini demos put on by club members.

November Class will be put on by Frank Bowers, member of the Chattahoochee Woodturners.

Class is $65 per member and to begin the Friday before the Saturday meeting.  Please let the Treasurer know if you are planning on attending the class.  To see Frank Bowers in action: Turning a Log into a Bowl.

Other websites you may find interesting”

World of Woodturners was mentioned during the meeting.  To see all of the site it is necessary to register.  To prevent spammers they require that you are invited by a member before you can register.  If anyone is interested in registering contact Chuck Jones.

Molly Winton on Pyrography for Woodturners:


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Photos From Round Table Discussion


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