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Club Meeting - May 13, 2017

Meeting Minutes

West Tennessee Woodturners
Secretarial Minutes
May 13, 2017

Bill Wyche started the meeting at 9:30 a.m.

There were 25 members and one guest present.

JUNE 10 is Officer Voting time………so be thinking of who you’d like to see in these offices.
At our June meeting will be a Roundtable discussion about your First, Worst, Best turned items.
Be sure to bring them & show them as you discuss what went right, what went wrong, etc.  

President • Vice President • Treasurer • Secretary • Program Coordinator

JSCC is wishing to relocate us to a new location.
I’m sure Graduation slowed things down…..when contacted the officers will inspect the new location to see if it suits our needs.

The Midsouth Woodturners currently have 90-100 members of which 45 usually show up.
If you’d like to attend one of the meetings, they meet on May 27 (every fourth Saturday of the Month).

We will be supporting LeBonhuer during the October 7th International Food Festival.
With all the donations by our club last year, we netted a rather large sum to present to LeBonhuer.  This is where we NEED your help.  If every woodturner in the club donated 1-2 pieces, that would be wonderful.  More is even better!  Last year people were really impressed to see such an array of items, some selling even before the show opened after they saw the display pictures!  People were also fascinated at watching wood being turned on a lathe.
Bill & Amanda have some wood they will donate for anyone wishing to turn the wood and donate it to this event.

October’s meeting will consist of small group demos:  Woodburning, Off Axis turning, Checkering duck calls, etc.

Skip Wibur did a wonderful job at demoing a threaded lid acorn & Birds Mouth Bangles.

Submitted by Ronnie Goff

Instant Gallery

... winner by member vote was Jim Tusant's beautifically decorated, inlaid bowl.

Jim Tusant
Inlaid Bowl Detail


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Skip Wibur was our demonstrator this month.  He did a great job showing how he makes his threaded lid acorn boxes & birdmouth bangles.

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Other Photos

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Photos courtesy Jerry Dawson and Ronnie Goff
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