Hands-On Classes Well Attended

West Tennessee Woodturners sponsored three days of hands-on classes April 5-6.  The classes were taught by Mark Sillay from Tucker, Georgia.  Each of the three classes were attended by six turners from our club, along with a couple visitors.  It seemed quite evident that all atendees came away pleased with the experience and feeling they had learn or gained improvement in many turning techniques. Mark is an excellent and experienced instructor and each day was an intense "nine-to-five" workout.

Apologies to the Thursday group; no photo.

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Club Meeting - April 8, 2017


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The theme of Mark Sillay's demonstration, and much of what he teaches, was "wood slicing" as distinct from scraping.  Mark really manages to load a lot of information into his demonstrations.  He seems to be able to talk, turn, and chew gum at the same time.  As you can see from some of the photos below, he emphasizes positioning the tools so that their sharp edges are cutting, or slicing, into the wood in such a manner as to need a finish cut that usually leaves little or no need for sanding.  He also is a strong proponent of bracing the tool handle against your body whenever possible, and moving the tool with the body instead of your hands and arms.

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All photos courtesy of Jerry Dawson
Meeting Minutes

Meeting was brought to order with Bill Wyche presiding. There were twenty-three members (counting two new) and four visitors present.


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Club Work Day Went Well

Our member, good friend and owner/operator of Collins Tree Service, Amanda Driver dropped off some very large holly logs a couple weeks ago, along with some nice maple and walnut.  Saturday, April 15 a work party consisting of Bill Wyche, Jack Couch, Bill Smith, Kirk Smith, Adron Joyner, and Chuck Jones sawed, waxed and stored all of this wood for future wood exchanges.  We should all express our appreciation to Amanda and Trevor for all the wood they bring our way.

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