Jerry Dawson officiated the meeting.

There were 18 members present and one new visitor/guest: Jim Bevis

 May is dues month.

 March:  Milk Paint demo by Chuck

April:      Mark Sillay


June:     Bring your first turned piece, your best turned piece and your worse turned piece. Everyone should have three pieces to show.

July:       Jerry Dawson

Aug.:     Possibly having an Art Professor to speak on Craftsmanship.





 When demoing, and need an extension to add to the lathe, Chuck has one.  Let him know in advance it is needed.

 Chuck Jones provided an indepth class on milk paint complete with PowerPoint.  Great job Chuck!

 Ronnie:  More Business Cards needed & to create “Miss you at our last club meeting” postcards.

 I checked to see if I had any clip on name badges: I do not.

Respectfully submitted by:
Ronnie Goff


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Chuck Jones was in charge of the program for the March meeting.  The topic was "Embellishing with Milk Paint".

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Other Meeting Photos

Photography by Jerry Dawson


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