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Meeting took place in Chuck's Workshop with Bill Wyche presiding.

In attendance:  Bill Wyche, Paul Reed, Ronnie Goff, Van Goff, Giley Wright, Jerry Dawson, Randy Pitts, Billy Joe Hill, Bob Hobbs, Ken Stumpenhorst, Adron Joyner, Skip Wilbur, Paul Crabtree, Danny Clark, Jim Tusant, Larry Joyner, Trevor Driver, Amanda Driver, Bob Smith, Chuck Jones, and guests Christian Stanton & Mark Sillay

Paul Reed gave a report on the Le Bonheur fundraiser on Oct. 1, 2016 during the International Food & Art Festival.  Cash: $1500+ and remaining items were packed up and sent to Le Bonheur for future fundraisers totaling $1000.  In all, $2500 was the grand total.  Not bad for a small club of woodturners!  A big thanks to all those who donated items/monies and worked the booth during the festival.  Monique Merriweather would like a photo of the check presentation.  15 woodturners donated generously with approx.. 74 pieces total.

 November 12 meeting guest demonstrator will be Mike Peace.

 December 10 meeting is cancelled---January meeting will take place on the 14th.

We need demonstrators for the full year 2017.  Our club is full of talents that can be shared.  If you’d like to demonstrate a new technique, etc. please let Bill know.  Kirk Smith will be demonstrating how to make your own acrylic blanks: something I’ve seen him do and am dying to learn more!

 Mark Sillay was our guest turner from Tucker, GA.
The first part of the day he demonstrated how to slice wood in a way as to not sand (or very little sanding required to the final piece).  Mark used Vonex finishing added to a buffing wheel pad.  Mark also used 3408 Super Glue that is timed released as a polish.  The afternoon demo was spent turning a bowl out of box elder.

Mike Piece will be at Chuck’s place Friday afternoon, November, 11 to do some hands on training.
The fee is $75 which will be split up between 4-6 participants.  Give Bill a shout if you’d like to do a hands on session with Mike.

As usual, the food was AWESOME but the company was even better!

Submitted by Ronnie Goff

Demonstration by Mark Sillay


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