Our August meeting can be one of the best of the year, It's Up To You!
We have some of the best turners in the southeast and this will be a great opportunity to learn from them.  Our newer turners have some good ideas they can share also. We can all learn something new.
We should have a great wood exchange, Amanda Driver has provided us with several nice pieces. If you can also bring a few pieces this will really help the club out. The wood exchange is where we get the funds to bring in turners from around the country.
Now get busy putting together what you would like to share. Look around if you have anything you would like to sell bring it, books, tools, craft kits, you know those things you have been hanging on to and you don't know why.
If you have experience setting up at craft fairs, share some of the do's and don'ts. If you have a new or better way to sharpen your tools please share.
I have my weed eater and hair dryer ready and maybe a few other items to improve your turning.
If you have any question about what else to bring just give me a call.
Bill Wyche 

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