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Recap of Jerry Dawson's Demonstration

The July 2016 demonstration was presented by Jerry Dawson. He turned a toothpick box in walnut using mostly a ½” shew. He used fostner bits for the hollowing. The critical part of the turning was sizing the tendon for lid to fit snugly but not too tight. Along the way safety suggestions were presented. Always wear safety glasses. When at a new (to you) lathe turn it off and on several times before you start turning so that your hand will automatically reach for the right button if something happens. Get in the habit of rotating the work by hand each time before you turn on the lathe, even on small work. Turn the lathe off before you move the tool rest. He also presented a design suggestion of making a small version of your project to get you proportions etc. pleasing to the eye before you start the project.

Provided by Jerry

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