Meeting Notes

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Tennessee Association of Woodturners
2016 Symposium
Peoples Choice Award
by Jim Tusant

Bill Wyche opened the meeting and welcomed our guests  We had a good turnout of members and visitors, but this writer doesn't know how many because someone else made off with the sign up roster.  We do know that we gained three new members: Aaron Holmes, Paul Crabtree, and Ross Lipscomb.  If you haven't done so, please take the opportunity to meet and welcome these fine folks. 

Van Goff reported on his and wife Ronnie's adventures at the Tennessee Association of Woodturners 2016 Symposium.  We all appreciate the donation of the ticket by TAW.  Van especially appreciates it since he won the drawing.  It was left unclear who had the most fun and bought the most tools, Van or Ronnie.

It was noted that Jim Tusant's vase that won 1st place in the People's Choice contest at the TAW Symposium was on display in the Instant Gallery.  The People's Choice is chosen by a  vote of the symposium attendees.  The pieces are identified only by a number.

Bill led a discussion on the upcoming (October) Jackson International Food and Arts Festival.  The Club will have a booth at the festival.  Club members are asked to donate pieces for display and sale to the public.  All proceeds will go to a local charitable organization which will be selected soon.  

In a private conversation between our Treasurer Paul Reed and me it was politely suggested that I had not paid my club dues for 2015/2016.  After a brief discussion we came to the conclusion that due to my inherent and age related forgetfulness, Paul was right.  I tried to make the case that I could join as a new member and take advantage of the half fare after January 1, but it didn't fly.  I coughed up the $25.  If you have not paid your dues for 2015/2016 please have a similar discussion with Paul.

David Sapp was introduced as our guest demonstrator for the day.  We greatly appreciate David traveling from Franklin Tennessee to share some of the skills he has developed and the experiences he has had in his many years as owner and operator of the Woodcraft Store in Franklin.  (See separate note on Pens for Troops).

President's Challenge

The President's Challenge for February  was "Small bowl with your best finish, using tips from November meeting."   Bill Wyche was the winner by vote of the members, just barely squeaking past some very tough competition


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Instant Gallery

There was a very large and excellent Instant Gallery this month.

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We were fortunate to have David Sapp from the Franklin Woodcraft Store as our Guest Speaker.  David explained the different kinds of skew chisels, how to sharpen and shape them, and all the angles and nuances including how to use them.

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 Photography courtesy of Jerry Dawson

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