West Tennessee Woodturners is now taking applications from local members for demonstrators/presenters/speakers at our monthly meetings.

Contact Jerry Dawson if you are interested.  Limited experience is acceptable.  No formal resume required.  You will be given consideration even if you are a visitor thinking of becoming a member. 

West Tennessee Woodturners is a recreational and social group where we make friends, learn bits and pieces about our chosen hobby by interaction with these friends, and have fun in the process.  Sometimes we are able to learn by leaps and bounds through presentations by outside experts and specialist.  Unfortunately it's not practical to provide that at every meeting.  We can and do fill in gaps by sharing our knowledge, successes and failures with each other.  Sometimes we even take some pretty large leaps and bounds in presentations by our own folks.. 

Probably every single club member is willing to share their skills and knowledge.  Most do so without hesitation in private discussions.  A few willingly and often volunteer for club demonstrations.  But most do not.  Maybe sometimes its just good ole modesty that makes us think we don't have any skills or knowledge worth sharing or maybe we are simply uncomfortable presenting to a group.  Neither is a good excuse here.  Those of us who share such reluctance, but have stepped up to making one or two presentations have found that "it ain't that bad". A few glitches and mistakes don't seem to really matter, (unless the flying piece of wood hits someone). Not every presentation is going to blow the socks off every attendee, but it is likely someone will learn something from any presentation.  We are all friends here and there is absolutely no reason for stress or embarrassment.

As you may have guessed by now, We are asking that you consider taking responsibility for a club meeting (program, demonstration, presentation, lecture, discussion, whatever you want to call it) in the near future.  If you don't think your topic will take the full time teaming up with another member might be a good approach.  Check with Jerry.  If he can't find an opening for you maybe we can schedule an extra meeting or two.  You will enjoy it and so will the rest of the club.Crowley PageBreak