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Beginning August 12, 2017 West Tennessee Woodturners will be meeting in a different building at Jackson State Community College.  Our meetings will be in the McWherter Center (Building 12), Room 138-B.  The McWherter Center is at the Northwest corner of the campus.  It can be seen from the intersection of North Parkway and F. E. Wright Drive. 

Click HERE for a campus map showing all buildings and parking lots.  The closest parking lot is at the south side of the building.  You should be able to gain access through the double glass doors near the Southeast corner of the building.  If not, you can just look for a cluster of trucks and cars that might belong to a bunch of woodturners.  Jerry Dawson's antique peanut truck is a good clue.  Don't give up.  Bang on nearby doors until one opens.

Jerry Dawson, Bill Wyche, Billy Joe Hill, Ronnie Goff and Chuck Jones met with the folks at JSCC today to look at the facility.  We believe it will work fine and in many ways it is more convenient than where we have been meeting.  We have already moved all WTW paraphernalia to the new room.

For any newcomers that may be visiting for the first time the campus address is 2046 North Parkway, Jackson Tennessee 38301.  When I do an internet search it shows the campus on the North side of North Parkway.  It's not.  It's on the south side.


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Dear Fellow Woodturner:

The AAW has a strategic plan, called Vision 2020, which is focused on improving the AAW's services, programs, and resources.

An important first step in this process is to learn about the people involved in woodturning –you. More specifically, we'd like to ask you to complete an online survey to help us understand why you turn, how you develop your woodturning skills, and how you view your chapter and the AAW.

Important Notes

  • The survey will be open until November 14, but we encourage you to complete it as soon as possible.

  • No personal information will be collected or used as part of the survey process.

  • If you complete the survey, you will have an opportunity to download AAW’s “Turners for Tops” booklet free in appreciation of your time. A link to the digital booklet will be available on the final “Thank you” screen immediately following your survey submission.

Take the online survey here:

Thank you so much for helping us to improve how your chapter and the AAW serve you.


Linda Ferber, AAW Vision2020 Recruit New Members Project Team Lead

Molly Winton, Team Volunteer

Leigh Sherman, Team Volunteer

KC Kendall, Team Volunteer

Al Hockenbery, Team Volunteer

JIFA Festival

The West Tennessee Woodturners booth at the Jackson International Food & Arts Festival was a very active site this year.  In addition to live turning demonstrations the club provided a large array of turned pieces for display and for sale.  Proceeds from the sales totaled over $1500, all of which will be donated to the local Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.   The value of the unsold merchandise is estimated to be worth $850 to $1000.  These items will also be given to the hospital for future fundraisers.  In all seventy-five wood turned items were donated by club members, not including the spinning tops.

Ronnie Goff observed "What I found astounding is how fascinated the children were with the old fashioned spinning tops!  They were mesmerized by them!  Often dragging their mommas back to our tent to donate some change so they could have a top.  While we take it for granted, some of these kids have never seen or heard of simple toys."

I can't say enough about how proud I am of our club and how they pitched in to make this a success. This really speaks well for the club and has gained us a lot of respect in the community.

Thanks to all of you who participated.


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Photography by Jerry Dawson

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Demonstration by Paul Crabtree

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West Tennessee Woodturners is a local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners, or AAW. Our purpose is to provide educational and social support to woodturners and others interested in wood as either a craft or an art.


We normally meet on the second Saturday of each month at the Jackson State Community College, Jackson Campus. We meet on the ground floor of the McWherter Center shown on this map as Building 12 in room 138-B.  Our official starting time is 9:30 a.m., but most folks arrive earlier for some extra social time and coffee and doughnuts. Our meetings consist of a program that relates to various aspects of woodturning. The program may consist of a lecture, a hands-on demonstration, or both.  Always check our calendar and other notifications for exceptions to the normal meeting arrangements


Additionally, we are active in numerous local art and craft events throughout the area including the Jackson International Food Festival, local fairs and community festivals.  We also conduct some adult continuing education classes at Jackson State Community College.


This club was founded in 2009 in Jackson Tennessee by a small group of woodturners from the area, most of whom are still active in the club. There are currently over forty active members. The skill level ranges from beginner to advanced turners so you'll fit right in.


On the AAW website woodturning is defined as a unique form of woodworking that dates back to ancient Egypt. Woodturning is done on a wood lathe, a machine that holds and spins wood securely while it is shaped with sharp carving tools. Historically, woodturning has been used to create functional objects like chair legs, candlesticks, and bowls. Today, lathe-turned work is also understood as an art form and vehicle for individual enrichment, creativity, and self-expression. It can be found in galleries and museums around the world. Pieces may be functional, ornamental, or even sculptural. With a modest learning curve, woodturning engages people from age 8 to 108, and the skills acquired last a lifetime.